You have been trying to get pregnant for over a year without success. 

Now what?

There are many different paths that a couple can take to have a child. 

There are natural treatments, like acupuncture, nutrition & hypnosis.

There are medical treatment procedures like Intrauterine Insemination & In-Vitro Fertilization. 

There are alternative paths to parenthood as well, like surrogacy and adoption.   

How do you know which path is right for you?

This is where Whole Fertility can help.  

Whole Fertility is a website dedicated to finding solutions to infertility.    

Whole Fertility is a work in progress.  The initial focus will be natural treatment methods.

Whole Fertility can help you to find natural therapies to boost fertility that are backed by scientific studies, which prove their efficacy.

If a particular therapy appeals to you, we can assist you in finding a pre-vetted practitioner in the Denver Metro Area of Colorado (more areas coming soon).

Thank you for visiting!

If you are a fertility practitioner, please click here to find out more about how Whole Fertility can help your practice.  





Laya started Whole Fertility due to the lack of information on the web about natural treatments to infertility.  Laya is the founder of Creative Fertility and the Whole Fertility Network.  She is a fertility coach who guides women on personalized "fertility voyages," where a woman can experience being the captain of her own customized journey towards Fertility and Motherhood through her private practice called Creative Fertility.  Her passion for healing arts and fertility came to life over 20 years ago and was further developed during her own fertility struggles.  She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Qigong Instructor who specializes in fertility and embodiment.  She is a Mind-Body Fertility Connection® Practitioner and a Qigong Healing Touch Practitioner with 16 years of Qigong and Tai Chi training and 7 years of Hypnotherapy training. She is registered as a non-licensed psychotherapist in the Colorado Department of Regulatory Affairs.  


​To find out more, visit her site at www.CreativeFertility.com.​