Merriam-Webster Definition of Creative 
: marked by the ability or power to create
The Creative Fertility Coaching Program allows women to go on a personalized "Fertility Voyage." Various treatment options (see below for the "Menu of Services") will be available, ranging from nutritional support to soul retrieval. The client is the "captain of the ship" for this voyage, so she decides the direction in which we travel based on her inner compass, understanding that she knows what is best for herself and her baby. I will take the role of the first mate, who supports the captain by providing information and showing her the various directions she can choose to take.
The program expects a three-month commitment to start. The program ends when a baby is firmly on the way into a parent's arms. This program will enable a woman to nourish herself in myriad ways to prepare her Body, Mind, and Spirit for pregnancy. 
I will encourage a client to see other practitioners I vetted within The Whole Fertility Network ( These practitioners can provide the mother with expert knowledge of scientifically proven body-centered therapies to help with fertility, such as acupuncture and nutrition. I have the know-how to support women with the Mental, Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual aspects of burgeoning parenthood. With Hypnotherapy, I can help a woman uncover whatever mental blocks have prevented pregnancy from being successful in the past. With Qigong Meditation and Talk Therapy, she can calm the mind to help soothe the emotional struggles involved with the process. With Qigong Body-Energy Therapy, she can open the energy channels within the body so that she will be a more ready vessel to embody an awaiting baby's soul. With Ritual Work, she can finally let go of all past losses and say goodbye to those Spirit Babies to clear the path for a fully alive, thriving human child to be born to her. 
The Creative Fertility course will include Hypnotherapy and Qigong Meditation Instruction. There are two other methods of treatment that I would suggest, which would be acupuncture and nutritional support performed by other practitioners that I can recommend. The rest of the program will you tailor based on which treatments excite you the most from my "Menu of Services." It's a "choose your own adventure" style of therapy. It's empowering. It's creative. It's Creative Fertility!


Laya's Menu of Services

  • Free Consultation – Let’s meet to see if we have a connection

  • Mind-Body Fertility Connection – A 5 session fertility treatment course

  • Hypnosis – See Hypnotherapy link

  • Qigong Meditation Instruction – Learn your energy anatomy

  • Body-Centered Trauma Removal – Remove traumas from the body & energy field

  • Qigong Body-Energy Treatments - Remote treatments without touch

  • Embryo Transfer Support – For IVF clients

  • Next Step Coaching – Answers “what do I do now?”

  • Age Regression – Used to remember & heal forgotten events

  • Past Life Regression - Used to remember & heal events from past lives

  • Parts Therapy – Allow parts of your psyche to speak to your conscious mind

  • Removing Foreign Energies - From your body/home/family/field/ancestral lineage

  • Grounding – Stay in your Center

  • Protective Field – Learn to energetically protect the field around you

  • Vaginal Kung Fu – Vaginal strengthening

  • Sexual Tao Healing Practices – Cultivate Jing, which is the most dense form of energy

  • Inner Child Work – Develop a relationship with your Self

  • Soul Retrieval – Find and reintegrate lost parts of your Self

  • Family Mission Statement – Verbalize what is important to share with your child

  • Polarity Therapy – Find balance between the Heavens and the Earth

  • Somatic Counseling – Use talk therapy to process emotions

  • Focusing – Learn to trust yourself & your inner knowing

  • Muscle Testing - Find out how you really feel in order to make a decision

  • Astrology – Used as a tool for better understanding

  • Fertility Timing – Use ovulation calculating tools to predict best days for conception

  • Assisted Reproductive Technology Support – Informational and emotional support

  • Ritual Work – Say goodbye to past losses to allow new life to flow

  • Addiction Hypnotherapy – Remove toxins from your lifestyle

  • Evoking the Ancestral Lineage – To help support the creation of the future line

  • Fertility Audios – To listen to while you fall asleep

  • Anxiety Reduction – To be here now rather than focus on potential future troubles.

  • Conference Room Technique – To talk to the inner players of your life

  • Allergy Cure – To reduce unwanted reactions to the seasons

  • Change Meaning of Personal History – To find peace with your life story

  • Rescue Mission of the Inner Child – Replace young traumas with adult support

  • Control Room – Monitor and adjust your hormone levels

  • Discovering Guides – To support you on your voyage

  • Habit Speak – Remove habits that control you

  • Hypnoprojection – Find support from early issues

  • Gestalt Therapy – Find and give forgiveness to wrongs you experienced by others

  • Memory Exchange – Replace emotionally difficult memories with positive ones

  • NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Chakra Clearing – Energetic balance

  • Microcosmic Orbit – Move energy up and around the spine

  • Dai Mo – Learn to move energy around your body

  • Macrocosmic Orbit – Move energy through all your meridians

  • Chong Mo – Move energy up your central channel

  • Pain Relief – Different methods to control your experience of pain

  • SWISH – Used to reduce the negative emotions of memories

  • Self-Hypnosis Training – To bring you to a calm state upon command

  • Fertility Tourism – Information about traveling to find low-cost IVF treatments

  • Surrogacy and Egg Donation – Information and support for surrogacy or egg donation

  • Adoption – Information and Support about adoption

  • Whole Fertility Therapy Practitioner Recommendations – Pre-vetted therapists to choose

The Creative Fertility Program is a 3-month commitment with 2-hour “in-person” sessions every other week for six sessions. The cost for the program is $1200.  


Before starting, I offer free 30-minute initial consultations through Zoom.  


Individual sessions are also offered “in-person” for $250 per session and last 2 hours. 


My office is in Green Mountain Village, in Lakewood, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.

Whole Fertility Menu of Services

* These therapies are provided by other practitioners

  • Acupuncture & Herbology – Balancing the energies of the body

  • Nutrition & Fertility Diet – Detox to purify the body

  • Mayan Abdominal Massage - Realign ligaments that hold the reproductive organs

  • Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy - Release adhesions from prior pregnancies

  • Rolfing - Align your physical structure

  • Visceral Manipulation - Adjust your organ placement to prepare for pregnancy

  • Cranial-Sacral Therapy - Relieve tension in the Nervous System

  • Webster Technique Chiropracty - Works with the tendons to support the pelvic bowl

  • Pre-natal Massage - Works to relieve muscle tension

  • Fertility Yoga - Stretches muscles involved in conception and pregnancy

These therapies will be performed by other practitioners and will involve extra fees.

The therapists have been pre-vetted by Laya through the Whole Fertility Network.