Therapy Room

As therapeutic practitioners, we all want successful outcomes for our clients, especially when it relates to fertility.  Being a parent, with children to love, is often a person's lifelong dream.  Not being able to conceive or carry a baby to full term can be a person's greatest loss, bringing with it a sense of failure, grief, desperation and utter depression.  As heart-centered therapists, we use all our tools to help our clients...but sometimes it isn't enough.

If your client is older and wants to conceive right away and is willing to try everything and anything, what else can you offer?

If you sense that your client can benefit from other therapies besides yours, what do you tell her?

Do you tell her that you don't foresee your services helping any further, dashing her hopes of ever having a child?  Wouldn't you rather refer them to other fertility therapists, who have different approaches, which might be the key to grant your client's greatest wish of having a child?

For these reasons, I made Whole Fertility Network.  Do you want to be a part of it?  

I made Whole Fertility with a four-fold purpose:

     1.  Inform potential parents about ALL the ways in which they can have a child.

     2.  Create a referral network for fertility practitioners, especially in the Denver Metro Area, so that we can refer clients to one another when we believe that our clients would benefit from further treatments in areas outside of our own expertise.

     3.  Create a community of providers under one umbrella to facilitate discussions of our findings about a particular client so that, together, we can figure out the best methods for this client to become pregnant, maintain her health during her pregnancy, gestate the baby until full term or create a family through less traditional methods.  HIPAA protocols would be maintained. 

     4.  Help Fertility Therapy Practitioners to find clients.  One practitioner per area of expertise in one geographic location would be featured as the recommended practitioner.  These therapists would be pre-vetted to ensure that they are fully licensed/certified, that they carry the appropriate levels of insurance coverage, that their facilities and methods of practice are clean and sanitary and that they have had success treating patients with infertility through a reference check.  

If you are viewing this site at this formative stage (Spring 2021), then I have approached you to gauge if you would be a good referral for the clients that I see in my Fertility Coaching practice called Creative Fertility ( 

If you agree to be a part of the Whole Fertility Network, then you would be a founding member of this site.  This would entitle you to being exclusively featured as the recommended practitioner for the Denver Area for your therapeutic modality for free.  In the future, I will ask other qualified therapists to pay a monthly fee to be featured on this site for their geographic location outside of the Denver Metro Area.

To apply to be a featured practitioner, I would need copies of:

     1.  A CV or resume with all your credentials and education, with references

     2.  A certificate of liability insurance.

     3.  Evidence that you are listed in the Colorado Dept of Regulatory Affairs (DORA).

     4.  A bio.

     5.  Your client intake forms. 

     6.  Testimonials from former fertility clients.


To verify your qualifications, I would:

     - Check the references, educational establishments and places of employment on your CV.

     - Call your former fertility clients to ask about their outcomes and your bedside manner.

     - Call you insurance agency to verify the information on the insurance certificate you provided.

     - Tour your facility to inspect its cleanliness and sanitation methods. 

     - Look for any evidence of complaints that may have been filed against you with the Attorney General, Better Business Bureau and the Department of Regulatory Affairs for your state, as well as review-based services such as Healthgrades, Yelp, Google, Facebook and Instagram.

To participate, the tasks expected of you would be:

     - Possible assistance with writing the selection about your therapy on the site.  I gleaned information from the web for this initial version.

    - An agreement to share your findings of the referred client with me, assuming that we have written permission from the client and that it is allowed under HIPAA regulations for your industry.  

     - An expectation that you would refer clients to me if you feel that they could benefit from mental health services around blocks to their fertility, meditation instruction, hypnosis or any of the services I offer that are listed here in my site.

     - An expectation that you would refer clients to other members of the Whole Fertility Network in the Denver area if we both feel that the therapy offered would benefit our mutual client.  

     - Link to your webpage for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes.  I would do the same.

If you are interested in applying to be a part of the Whole Fertility Referral network to be featured as the recommended practitioner on the website, please email Laya at the email address listed under "Contact."

Thank you for your interest!