Whole Fertility Packages & Pricing

Plan for 2 HOURS for each session.

Most other practitioners have 50 minute sessions,
and recommend coming every week.

I have found one 
2 HOUR session
every-other-week is

more effective.

Number of Hours
Number of Sessions      
Focus of Sesssions
Package Price

2 Hours

1 Session




6 Hours

3 Sessions

CLEAR Stage - Motherhood Preparation



12 Hours

6 Sessions

ENGAGE Stage - Connect with Your Baby



24 Hours

12 Sessions

FLOURISH Stage - Develop Trust in Your Inner Knowing


3 Hours 

1 session

Body/Mind Trauma Clearing


Any woman can purchase any package regardless of the reason for fertility challenges.

* Please note: Once signed up for a package, upon pregnancy, half of the remaining sessions can be used to process personal issues unrelated to fertility.  Please look at my "Menu of Services" in the "About Me" page.