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Your Baby's Smile. 
Joy delivered.

Whole Fertility Coaching Makes It Possible.


You want a baby more than anything. It's a natural process, so it should be easy, right?


Instead, disappointment and anguish occur month after month when a pregnancy test displays "not pregnant" yet again. 

You have spent hours researching ways to boost your fertility, and you have done ALL THE THINGS - worked with an endocrinologist, read all the books, taken all the tests, tried acupuncture, changed your diet, stopped drinking caffeine, even tried "not trying,"

...and still there is no baby.

Could there be mental & emotional resistance to Motherhood?
If so, how would you know?
You may think you have tried everything,
but are you looking at the Whole Picture?

My name is Laya Laboe, and I can help.

I am a fertility coach specializing in the mental & emotional aspects of infertility.

Whole Fertility Coaching is for:

  • When pregnancy takes longer than expected

  • Unexplained Infertility

  • Mental & Emotional Resistance to Motherhood

  • IVF Support for Medical Challenges

  • Emotional Preparation for Motherhood

  • Healing from Baby Loss and Miscarriage

Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

Do you want an explanation for your “unexplained infertility?”

Do you want to double your chances of embryo implantation during IVF?
Do you want to reduce your stress about birthing a child
Do you need to process the loss of a baby so you can move on?

Don't you want to say that you've "tried everything" before you give up on your baby?


Hi!  I'm Laya, a Fertility Coach.

- A picture of Laya moments after giving birth to her first child after two miscarrages.

I am a fertility coach who specializes in the mental & emotional aspects of fertility with the use of Hypnotherapy, Qigong Meditation Instruction, and tools collected in over 20 years of Healing training.  I call this unique form of fertility coaching the Whole Fertility Program, which helps women navigate the path toward motherhood through natural conception, assisted reproductive technology like IVF, surrogacy or adoption.  My education and personal experience enable me to be an empathetic cheerleader in your corner, helping you harvest the power of your mind, emotions & energy field to create the baby of your dreams.

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"After five years of trying to conceive and during a period of dwindling hope, Laya helped me discover myself on an energetic and spiritual level, and it made all the difference. Working with her changed me profoundly and cleared the way for motherhood. I'm so happy to report that I'm currently pregnant! I would highly recommend Laya to anyone who is suffering through infertility. She can help you in ways you didn't realize you needed help!"

- Chelsea I.

”I suffered a loss in my fertility journey after a failed IVF, and found myself incredibly anxious and without confidence that I would ever be successful. Laya helped me identify some deep rooted issues that were blocking me from having confidence, and through hypnosis helped me clear out those old beliefs. I am now 26 weeks pregnant and so grateful I had her help in opening myself up to faith in the process and in myself."

- Lindsey A.


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