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Qigong Body-Energy Treatments


- The Five Elements of Chinese Medicine: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water

The four-year “Qigong Healing Program” was developed by Damaris Jarboux of the Center Place in Boulder, Colorado.

Qigong Energy Treatments combine Classical Chinese Medicine concepts of the 5 Elements and the “therapeutic presence” of "Healing Touch" to cleanse and rejuvenate the body’s energy. The 5 Elements rule the “meridians,” which are energy channels in the body. 


The energy pathways that are assessed to locate areas of blocked “Qi/Chi” (Energy) are the:

  • 12 Organ Meridians

  • 8 Extraordinary Meridians (which connects the organ meridians)

  • 7 Chakras/Cauldrons (located along the spine)

  • 12 Major Organ Systems (including the ovaries and uterus)

  • Solar Plexus Bowl

  • 5 Elements (which rule the organ systems)


There are many reasons which cause energy blocks within the system. These can include:

  • Stagnation

  • Deficiency

  • Foreign Energy 

  • Missing Soul Parts (which left due to trauma)

  • Chi Scarring along the organ meridians


Once the areas of blockage are assessed, a practitioner will use her hands and intention to remove the imbalance and stimulate the movement of Qi through the energy body. ​


Qigong Body-Energy Treatment education was a 4-year training.  It incorporates many healing forms, such as: 

Foreign Energy Removal - Foreign Energy is “energy” (effecting thought, emotion and action) from the sub-earthly realms (though present in our world today) that does not belong to the individual (group Soul, work or business entity) or “possession” (by another consciousness) that needs to be dispelled to restore individual freedom.

Breath Work - is gentle awareness of breath, focusing consciousness in the moment in the body, allowing us to open to deep emotional tones.

Centering - is a process of guidance to help you to sink into the core of your being, where your knowledge and innate wisdom lies.

Chakra/Cauldron Work - opens and clears the subtle energy that flows in and out of these centers to ensure a more balanced distribution of energy.

5-Phases/Key Treatment – creates a resonance (sound-through color and imagery) of leading element in each realm (body, soul, spirit) that tunes up all of the life-force body (meridians).

Group Souls - (of marriage, relationships, immediate family, extended family, Boards, organizations and partnerships) can have “foreign energy” and imbalance and are treated with the individual.

Work Entity - is directly connected to our spirit and holds the field of our ‘life-work’, our Soul’s purpose and destiny (beyond job or profession), and can also have foreign energy and imbalance and is treated with the individual if needed.

A Business Entity - has a similar field and may also need to be cleared or “tuned up”.

Hopi Backwork - a partnership of "Earth" energy and breath to open blockages of the energy flow in the back and neck, and help us release emotional and physical trauma.

Mind Clearance - helps open and re-balance all of the major points on the head and neck, creating a deep calm and expanded consciousness & awareness of "Center".

Polarity - helps to clear the flow between the major and minor Chakra centers and meridians, so that they are all connected and the body functions as a whole.

Qigong Healing - the ancient Oriental practice of moving through, collecting, refining and transmitting universal energy to treat any aspect of the Energy-Body, including: the organs, 12 organ meridians (and all points), 8 extra-ordinary meridians (and control points). These are methods used in Chinese hospitals.

Qigong Practices- are exercises recommended for a client, along with treatment, which are either specific to their individual needs or general. They are sometimes thought of as Qigong prescriptions.

Soul Retrieval – brings back aspects of the Soul (which resides in the 5 yin organs) that have dis-associated from the incarnate body into the World of Spirit (for safety and protection).

Relaxation - voice, imagery and breath awareness may help one let go physically and mentally into a deeper level of consciousness.

Remote Sessions - are 1 hour and are done in the same way with the same results as “in person” sessions, just less talking. The time and date is set and the person relaxes wherever they are. The sessions are done via Zoom, and a short report of the results is given at the end.

Rituals - can be used to reinforce our healing intentions and ask for further help. They help individuals or groups find the form that best bridges the physical and spiritual worlds.

Solar Plexus Bowl - helps release stagnant energy created by maladaptive thoughts so that this energy center is open, which enables us to occupy all the space within our field.  

Body-Centered Trauma Release - a self-hypnotic process designed to take one back through physical and emotional traumas to release the impact still held in our cells at key points in the body.


This work is effective, either alone or in conjunction with Acupuncture, medical treatment or other modalities, for a very wide range of conditions. These may be purely physical problems, emotionally based concerns, mental level issues or matters of spiritual development. Fertility is an energetic process. Conception is easier with an open energy system.  

Although I did the four-year training in Qigong Healing, I refer my clients to another practitioner for Qigong Body-Energy treatments because she is simply better at it than I am. She closed her Optometric practice to do Qigong Healing full-time.  Her name is Annie Roberts of Qigong Healing.  Her sessions are performed remotely via Zoom and last for about one hour. 

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