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Whole Fertility Packages & Pricing

Plan for 2 HOURS for each session.

Most other practitioners have 50 minute sessions, and recommend coming every week.

I have found one 
2 HOUR session every-other-week is more effective.

Number of Sessions 

Number of Hours    
Focus of Sesssions
Package Price

1 Session

2 Hours




3 Sessions

6 Hours

CLEAR Stage - Motherhood Preparation



6 Sessions

12 Hours

ENGAGE Stage - Connect with Your Baby



12 Sessions

24 Hours

FLOURISH Stage - Develop Trust in Your Inner Knowing


1 Trauma Resolution Session 

3 Hours 

Body/Mind Trauma Clearing


Any woman can purchase any package regardless of the reason for fertility challenges.

* Please note: Once signed up for a package, upon pregnancy, half of the remaining sessions can be used to process personal issues unrelated to fertility.  Please look at my "Menu of Services" on the "About Me" page to find out what is possible.

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