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Whole Fertility Coaching Program


You want a baby more than anything.  You thought it would be easy.


Instead, disappointment and grief occur month after month

when a pregnancy test displays "not pregnant" yet again. 

You have spent hours researching ways to boost your fertility.


You have done ALL THE THINGS - worked with an endocrinologist, read all the books, taken all the tests, tried acupuncture, changed your diet, stopped drinking caffeine, even tried "not trying,"

...and still there is no baby.


You think you have tried everything,
but are you looking at the Whole Picture?
If you could ask your underlying beliefs and emotions about having a baby, what would they say?


Fertility requires a woman to utilize her whole self, such as physical health, emotional maturity, mental preparation, energetic receptivity, secure partnership, and financial security.  A lot needs to be in place for a woman to support a family.  Is it any wonder that part of you may not be totally "on board" with having a baby?  There is a part of you blocking the fertility process.  Wouldn't it be wonderous to have a conversation with this resistant part and find out what it needs to move forward and support you in having your baby? 


If fertility is just a physical process, Medically Assisted Reproductive Technology would be 100% successful. Instead, only 25% get pregnant after undergoing IVF. The need for emotional, mental, and energetic health support is often overlooked. Incorporating a Mind/Body aspect into the fertility process has been scientifically proven to increase the chance of pregnancy by over 50%. Viewing the Whole Woman and the Whole Fertility Process is how Whole Fertility Coaching can help.


You may be wondering, "what is fertility coaching?" (Click here to find out), or how can fertility coaching help me get pregnant? Click here to learn how mind/body fertility coaching is scientifically proven to DOUBLE your chances of pregnancy. 


The Whole Fertility Program is 1-on-1 "in-person" coaching, where I help women get to the root of infertility and remove it. The program is tailored to meet a woman wherever they are on their own personal fertility journey. However, most clients follow the trajectory of the 3 stages of the Whole Fertility Program:


Stage 1: CLEAR

Stage 2: ENGAGE





In the CLEAR stage, you prepare for Motherhood by clearing the blocks preventing you from getting pregnant and staying pregnant. We need to look deeper to discover the underlying beliefs that have blocked your fertility. The CLEAR stage is usually accomplished in 3 sessions totaling 6 hours of individual 1 on 1 coaching. In the CLEAR stage, a woman learns to:

  • Remove the self-limiting beliefs that lead us into self-sabotaging behaviors, including infertility.

  • Reprogram your thoughts to support you on your voyage to Motherhood.

  • Uncover the parts of you that DON'T WANT to have a baby and listen to what they have to say.

  • Clear any "foreign energy" that has entered your field, your body, your workplace, and your home.

  • Create a field of protection and connection around you to help nourish the sacred space of your fertility journey.

  • Envision conception, pregnancy, and your child's birth to imprint your subconscious with the truth of your Motherhood. 



In the ENGAGE stage, you find answers to your big questions, such as why is being a mother so important to you? Why does the need to have a child keep you up at night, preventing you from enjoying your life now? When you learn how to get quiet enough to hear your Soul Child, these questions will be answered in the ENGAGE stage of the Whole Fertility Coaching Program. The ENGAGE stage includes all aspects of the CLEAR stage and consists of 6 sessions totaling 12 hours of individual 1 on 1 coaching. In the CLEAR stage, a woman learns to:

  • Discover if your Soul Child or Children are already present, waiting to be born.

  • Invite Soul Children into your field to help fuel your progress.

  • Listen to the whispers of your Soul Child to know how to best move forward.

  • Receive a Channeled hand-written letter from your Soul Child if they wish to deliver a message to you through me.

  • Begin an Internal Form Nei Kung Qigong practice that gives your Mind a place to focus so you can maintain your presence in your Center. 

  • Learn to meditate successfully for 30-45 minutes.

  • Learn techniques to help you manage your anxiety and lessen your worries about the future.


The FLOURISH stage is the Signature Program of Whole Fertility that enables a woman to look at the Whole Picture, which allows her to move from childless to Motherhood! This program includes all aspects of the CLEAR and ENGAGE stages. In the FLOURISH stage, a woman has cleared her maladaptive subconscious programming and calmed her anxiety. She can find and maintain her Center and has developed a thriving relationship with her Soul Children. At this point, she can release the imprinting of trauma in her body and mind, heal her inner child wounding, calm her fears, and trust her inner voice to become the Mother she always wanted to be! The FLOURISH stage consists of 11 sessions totaling 23 hours of individual 1-on-1 coaching with me. In addition, she will receive a 12th session, which includes a complete Energy-Body Clearing and Opening treatment done by a Master Qigong Healer via Zoom. This treatment will open her entire energy field, priming her for maximum fertility. (Click here to learn more about Qigong Healing.)  In the FLOURISH stage, you will have the time and space to customize the program and utilize many of the tools you need to flourish in life and motherhood. (Click here to view my "Menu of Services" to find the tools that will help you thrive.)   In the FLOURISH stage, a woman may choose to:

  • Regress to the moment she decided subconsciously that she might not be a good mother and change the programming.

  • Combat fearful thoughts about fertility and change them in the moment to become supportive affirmations. 

  • Remove early childhood trauma imprints from the body and the Mind so that thoughts about the event don't elicit charged emotions in a 3-hour session.

  • Enter her Mind's "Control Center" to influence her autonomic processes. One example is to decrease Cortisol levels in the body to lessen its negative impact on fertility.

  • Converse with her subconscious characters to encourage their support in her fertility journey.

  • Learn to circulate the four primary channels of the 8-Extraordinary Meridian Nei Kung Qigong practice.

  • Enter an alpha brain state within one minute through the use of Self-Hypnosis.

  • Successfully meditate for over an hour.

  • Know how to open blocked meridian points, which release unconscious tension, to feel immediate space and ease within your body. 

  • Forgive herself or the people in her life who wronged her, both living and deceased. 

  • Learn how to "Muscle Test" herself in three seconds, so she will no longer be indecisive. 

  • Practice "Focusing" so that she can listen to her body to find the answers to troubling concerns. 

  • Train her "inner voice" to use reassurances to fortify her, which will tame self-criticism, both for herself and her children. 

  • Harvest "Yin Jing" from menstruation to strengthen her Energy Field. 

  • Become Multi-Orgasmic by recycling sexual energy during intercourse and absorbing their partner's Yang Jing.

  • Pick therapeutic techniques from my "Menu of Services" that can improve other aspects of her life besides fertility.

  • Receive a complete Qigong Energy-Body Clearing and Opening from a gifted Qigong Healer via Zoom. This treatment may include a Soul Retrieval to reclaim lost Soul Parts, Ancestral Lineage clearing, frequency amplification, and opening over 200 acupuncture points in the body. This treatment primes the Energy-Body for Conception or Embryo transfer support to ensure a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby. 

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