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Trauma Resolution


The trauma resolution process I developed is a combination of a body-centered trauma release immediately followed by a potent mental clearing that I have found to be effective in eliminating the effects of mild and severe trauma in just one session. 


Body-Centered Trauma Release is a process developed by Paul Hansen, Ph.D, and modified by Damaris Jarboux of the Center Place in Boulder, Colorado. I perform this service in conjunction with a mental component I garnered from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Processing).  

Body-Centered Trauma Release is a direct energetic process that allows the body to identify and release the energetics of a specific trauma, which helps to process the emotions surrounding the event. A semi-hypnotic state allows the consciousness to take a person back to a period of their life before the trauma occurred. While staying within the body, we move quickly through the trauma and past it. This process maps the energetics of the body before and after the trauma occurred. We focus on the body and energy rather than the story to avoid re-traumatization of the client. 

Once we allow the consciousness to take us to the period at which the trauma entered the energetic field, the client will discover acupressure points on the body that call for attention. We release the negative energy from this point and any others that need it. This process releases the trauma from the body and the holding pattern of the emotions surrounding the trauma. 

The mental clearing process involves watching the trauma occur through a perspective of safety forward and backward through time. This process will scramble the memory, making it harder to recall while removing the emotions from the triggering event. Afterward, the client will remember everything that occurred and will most likely be able to speak to others about their traumatic experience without being triggered.  

I schedule 3 hours for these sessions, but usually, they take less than 2 hours. After the session, a trauma that plagued you for years will no longer have a charge, and any maladaptive coping mechanisms should fade away in time, for they are no longer needed. 

The cost for the Trauma Resolution session is $500. 

I schedule 3 hours for this session, although it might take less time. 

If clients select the 12-session package, it is included in the price.        

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